North American Lurcher & Longdog Association


SECTION 1. The name of the organization is:

The North American Lurcher & Longdog Association, also known as NALLA.

SECTION 2. The objects of the NALLA shall be:

a) To maintain and publish an official and accurate registry of lurchers and longdogs and to generally advance their study, breeding, exhibiting and running.

b) To act as a separate and independent registry and not as an alternative registry for those sighthound breeds that are eligible for registration by other national or international organizations in either their countries of origin or other countries.

c) To promote interest in amateur sporting activities that will showcase the talents of the lurchers and longdogs.

d) To promote awareness of the lurcher and longdog and sighthound breeds, types and varieties as well as directing and fostering their natural abilities and qualities and protecting and advancing their best interests.

e) To work toward recognition of lurcher and longdog types and varieties by the amateur sighthound sporting organizations in North America and to further the cause to allow lurchers and longdogs to compete in their own classes or stakes within those organizations when possible.

f) To encourage our sportsmen and sportswomen to behave according to the principles of fairness and good sportsmanship toward each other and toward their hounds, to observe the rules we accept and compete under, to show respect for others, to participate and enjoy and accept both victory and defeat graciously at all forms of amateur sighthound field and other dog-oriented events. 

BY-LAWS (pertinent sections) 



A LURCHER is the offspring of a sighthound and a sighthound cross or a non-sighthound (usually, but not limited to, a herding dog or a working terrier) bred specifically for hunting or coursing. 

A LONGDOG is the offspring of two parents of different sighthound breeds, bred specifically for hunting or coursing.

b) Eligibility for Registration:

LURCHER: To receive a NALLA registration number and be recorded in the NALLA data base, the owner must provide information to the best of his or her knowledge stating that at least one parent of the hound is a sighthound or longdog and the breed or breeds must be identified. A Lurcher registration number shall begin with the suffix LU.

LONGDOG: To receive a NALLA registration number and be recorded in the NALLA data base, the owner must provide information to the best of his or her ability stating that both parents of the hound are of different but recognized sighthound breeds and must be identified. A Longdog registration number shall begin with the suffix LD.

c) Acceptable Sighthound Breeds:

For the purposes of this organization, eligible sighthound breeds are: Afghan Hound, Azawakh, Bakhmull, Borzoi, Caravan or Karwani Hound, Chart Polski, Chortai or Chortaya, Galgo Español, Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, Italian Greyhound, Magyar Agar, Mudhol or Pashmi Hound, Rampur Hound, Russian Steppe Borzoi, Saluki, Scottish Deerhound, Sloughi, Taigan, Tazi and Whippet.

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