Sighthounds Afield -

The Complete Guide to Sighthounds

& Amateur Performance Events,

With a Comprehensive Chapter

on Adopted Ex-Racing Greyhounds

By Denise Como

Softcover, 650 pages, 6x9 format, illustrated

Bloomington IN: AuthorHouse, 2004


Diet & Conditioning

Kindergarten Training for Lure Coursing – for puppies & adult hounds

Box Breaking for the Races

Before You Leave the House (packing for field trips, including first aid kits)

An overview of Lure Coursing Field Trials, Race Meets & Open Field Hunts

Basic Rules & Regulations for ASFA, AKC & CKC Field Trials,

NOTRA (Whippet & All-Breed), LGRA & CARA Race Meets, WRA, NAWRA

& CWA Whippet Racing, NOFCA & NACA Hunts

How to Compete in Lure Coursing Field Trials, Race Meets & Open Field Hunts

Histories of Coursing, Hunting & Lure Coursing

Tales of Coursing

The 30th Running of the Grand Course

Hunting with Hounds & Hawks

Hunting with the Maltese Rabbit Hound

& In Pursuit of the Plastic Lure

Living with Adopted Greyhounds - The Basics

Competing in Amateur Events with NGA-bred Greyhounds, Greyhound Babies,

Other Good Greyhound Stuff including medical concerns & registrations

The Hounds, in photos & text

Afghan Hound, American Hound, American Staghound, Appalachian Greyhound, Azawakh, Bakhmull, Banjara or Vanjara Hound, Basenji, Borzoi, Caravan or

Karwani Hound, Chart Polski, Chippiparai, Chortai or Chortaya or Chortaj, Circassian Hare Hound, Circassian Orloff Wolfhound, Cirneco dell’Etna, Old Croatian Sighthound, Galgo Español, Grecian Greyhound, Greyhound, Ibizan Hound, Irish Wolfhound, Italian Greyhound, Kaikadi, Kangaroo Hound, Longhaired Whippet, Lurcher, Magyar Agar, Mahratta Greyhound, “Mini” Sighthounds, Mudhol, Pashmi, Peruvian Inca Orchid, Pharaoh Hound, Podenco Canario, Portuguese Podengo, Rampur Hound, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Russian Steppe Borzoi, Saluki, Scottish Deerhound, Silken Windhound, Sloughi, Taigan, Tazi, Vaghari Dog and Whippet

Veterinary Care for Sighthounds, both on and off the field
(including illustrations of basic dog parts)

All-inclusive Resource Guide

Where to Buy Field Gear

An Extensive Library Section

Clubs & Organizations in North America

A Comprehensive Glossary

Over 400 photos and 50+ illustrations

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